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What I Can Offer You

Do you need compelling content for your website? Interesting, funny, or informative blog posts? Do you want an interesting introduction to your business that will make people want to know more? I can help you out.

I write blog posts, articles, and web content for businesses. I specialise in writing about motherhood and literature, but I’ve written about all sorts of subjects: body image and the media, wedding planning tips, product reviews and comparisons, dental work: you name it, I’ve written about it!

Maybe you’ve got some specific points that you need to make but can’t make the words flow in the right way – I can help you to tweak that article or post. Maybe you need content on a certain subject but don’t have time to research all the details – I can do that, too!

Want to know more? Drop me an email - meganbidmead@gmail.com

Why I Write

I’ve wanted to write ever since I was a kid. I fell in love with storytelling – to me, the way words on paper could transport you to another world was a kind of magic. I started writing stories at the age of five – and I haven’t really stopped since then.

Fast-forward quite a few years. At home with our first child and overwhelmed by motherhood, I wrote about it on my blog. One day, with trepidation, I shared one of my posts to my Facebook friends. To my amazement, they responded. My words connected with them, and I realised how much that meant to me. So I started studying for my degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and I set up shop as a freelancer. Life is busy, but amazing, and I’m so grateful I get to do this as a job. I write from the heart – and I still believe that stories are magic.

Find Me on Social Media

I’m pretty active on Instagram. I post pictures of beautiful books and interesting places. Come and follow me! @meganbidmead

You can also find me on Twitter, where I try to remember to post once every few months … @meganbidmead