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The Motherload

I’m a blogger for the honest and awesomely funny blogzine, The Motherload! Here are a few of my favourite posts:



‘I have these sorts of moments all the time since becoming a parent (okay, maybe not the spoon thing). It’s like … leaving the house without a changing bag will make your baby have a poo explosion. Not every single time, you understand, that would be too predictable, and therefore avoidable. But enough times to think the universe is working against you.

Just for fun, I’ve compiled a list of my top ten ‘sod’s law’ moments that occur regularly in my life since becoming a parent.’

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coping with invisible illness and motherhood

The pain doesn’t stop, but the only good thing it does is to finely distill the most important things of all. Physical pain has a way of filtering out all the things that don’t actually matter. Housework. To do lists. What other people think about me. All those things get left behind. The basic things I love and live for remain.’

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‘I’m not talking getting up once or twice in the night. Or even three or four times. I’m talking about those babies that just don’t know how to sleep. At all.

If you are a parent to one of those babies, then friend – I feel your pain. I understand what it’s like to feel sick from tiredness. To get ill again and again because your body just doesn’t have time to recharge and repair. To be in a state of constant brain fog, not knowing whether you’re coming or going, forgetting to reply to emails and getting appointment days wrong and always missing items from the food shop and generally being a bit rubbish at life.’